Home Decor Projects. Just for You!

Home Decor Projects. Just for You!

23rd Jul 2019

The summer season is always calling for new projects. Which one should you start on next?

Home Decor Fabrics is an innovative, fun and easy way to create all kinds of things. This sturdy woven cotton is strong and made to last. 

Here are our top 3 examples for using Home Decor Fabrics:

1. Quilts!

This is where your creativity really pops. Choose any design or make up your own. The possibilities are limitless! Use them for a throw blanket or hang them on the wall for a decorative flare.

Image result for home decor quilts

2. Bedding/Pillow covers

Cotton home decor fabric is perfectly suited for comfortable bedding and pillow covers. This adds a unique style to your furniture and leaves lasting impressions. It's easy to mix and match colors and designs. 

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3. Upholster chairs/couches 

Why search for new furniture when you can renovate it yourself! 

It's the perfect makeover to old furniture and give it new life.

Upholster Chair

Don't know how much fabric to use? Here's a fun and helpful guide from

All of these great ideas is the perfect jumpstart to making something new and exciting with Home Decor Fabrics. 

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