Voile & Rayon!

Voile & Rayon!

20th Feb 2020

Winter is here, but it won't last forever. Get a start on your summer projects with Voile & Rayon!

What is Voile & Rayon?

"Rayon moves like water where Voile moves like air." -Anna Maria Horner


A lightweight, highly woven, semi-sheer fabric used mainly for warmer weather. It's perfect for summer wear or drapes and has a tighter weave than regular cotton.This is what makes this material silky, soft and easy to work with. Great for casual wear. Although you will want to add lining to your clothing projects since voile is semi-sheer.

*IMPORTANT TIP: Pre-wash your fabrics! "Avoid high heat when washing or ironing, this will prevent the material from being destroyed. " Pin the voile before cutting and marking, this ensures a consistency. 

Voile patterns

Link includes patterns!



Much like voile, Rayon is a lightweight, drapey material used for clothing or curtains. Although Rayon is great for all seasons since it isn't as sheer compared to Voile. One of the main materials used to make Rayon comes from wood pulp cellulose. Although this is a synthetic material, its a great and cheaper alternative to silks. Not ideal for fitted projects, since Rayon has a hard time maintaining its shape with use. However, a bit of a stiffer lining can help it to maintain its shape if you are truly in love with a slightly fitted project. Rayon can stretch easily so avoid pulling on it as you sew or allowing it to hang off the table. 

*IMPORTANT TIP: Pre-washing is a must. Wash with like colors and tumble dry low. "Since the ends tend to fry, finish the edges with zig zag seams or serging them.  " Rayon stretches easily so avoid pulling it while you sew and allowing it to hang off the table. Also, be extremely careful ironing it as it can scorch easily.


Both fabrics are super fun and versatile to work with. However you use them, they will make a great addition to your fashion or homes. 

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